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Welcome to Diamond National Adjusting, LLC National Appraiser and Claims Management System Statutes or State Insurance Department regulations require insurers to adjust and pay claims within specified times, and to document communications, among other things. It is our duty within Diamond National Adjusting, LLC to ensure that our client is kept advised and in full compliance with these requirements.

It is with utmost pride and respect for this industry that Diamond National has become the leader in personal lines business. Our core is customer service. Our drive is success of our customers.

Diamond National has developed a close working relationship with our clients that we consider a direct mirror extension of each other. Through these dedicated years of service, Diamond National seamlessly executes each assignment without second thought. Our client’s expectations are indeed branded within Diamond National.


Our system is streamlined and developed on time management. Our claims management system is web based. Each adjuster/national appraiser and client receives their own log-in user name and password information.

Using the claims management system, each assignment received is mapped and dispatched to the closest qualified adjuster/national appraiser through our web based system and prioritized accordingly.

Each assignment received by the national appraiser is stored in our claims management system is automatically flagged to be prioritized every 72, 96, and 168 hours after receipt of assignment.

Each assignment is categorized by client code and claim code e.g. property, automobile, heavy equipment, etc.
All closures are sent through our claims management system and stored on four separate data bases for a period of two years. Our product is always available for our client with a click of a mouse.
National Appraiser and Claims Management System

Our adjusters/national appraisers and clients can access our claims management system at anytime and run break down reports for their open, closed, invoiced, and CNI claims on many levels. They can also download documents in the field without having to pick up the phone and contact our Corporate Office for assistance, hence the streamlined claims system and superb time management.


Our products and services are second to none. DNA’s dedicated and well disciplined staff maintains a high level of urgency on each and every assignment. Each assignment received is assigned an auditor. Each completed assignment is sent directly to the assigned auditor and put through a 12 point audit system. This ensures accountability and is used as a learning curve for all field adjusters.

We then took our product and customer service a step further by admitting 10% of all closures to an assigned field manager for re-inspections. We implemented this procedure not only as a learning curve for adjusters but also to ensure that leakage is avoided.

Diamond National Adjusting, LLC never writes or has the national appraiser write what we cannot see or photograph. Because of financial obligations and implemented repairs already in progress, our supplements are handled with the same urgency and procedure as an original assignment. We are able to save our clients a tremendous amount of money with the implemented inspection process which picks up additional items on the back end. This allows DNA to thoroughly investigate the repairs and to document the repair process with the repair facility or contractor.

We take pride in our trade, product, and service and it shows on every assignment we complete for you. Let us earn your colors and wear your hat.

Please contact us today so you may finally get the product and service you have been looking for and greatly deserve. Like we say, why settle for the coal when you can have the Diamond.

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